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Find companion printable awards, forms, worksheets and more from the pages of Customer Service Is FREE!

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Additional forms, signs and exercises availble in the Customer Service Is FREE Companion Workbook. (Coming Soon!)

Check Your Attitude – A Self Examination (page 123)
Check Your Respect Assessment (page 164)

Listening Plan (page 95)

Appreciation Award (page 105)
Communication Award
Customer Service Award (page 195)
Extra Mile Award (page 115)
Positivity Award (page 125)
Recognition Award (page 55)
Smile Award 🙂 (page 29)
WOW Award (page 115)

Random Acts of Appreciation (page 103)
Something to Talk About – WOW Factor (page 114)
Train the WOW Factor (page 110)

Circle of Wow (page 113)
Follow Through Flow Chart (page 133)
Give Respect (page 157)
Service Trumps Price (page 150)
Thanks (page 103)
Train Customer Service Every Day (page 190)
Train the WOW Factor (page 110)
WOW Factor Definition (page 106)

Smiles Are FREE 🙂
Customer Service Is FREE
Greetings Are FREE
Recognition Is FREE
Manners Are FREE
Apologies Are FREE
Listening Is FREE
Appreciation Is FREE
The WOW Factor Is FREE
Attitudes Are FREE
Follow Through Is FREE
Communication Is FREE
Consistency Is FREE
Respect Is FREE
Compliments Are FREE
Honesty Is FREE

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