Excellent Service is Proactive

Excellent service requires forethought. What could go wrong? What could your customer need? What are your customer’s expectations? Can you anticipate the customer’s every need?

An excellent customer service experience requires the person delivering it to look at the experience through the customer’s eyes to know what they truly want, need and expect. This forethought is invaluable. What would you want if you were in the same situation? Take the necessary steps to provide the experience you would want yourself. You always know in advance what caliber of customer service experience you would like. Put that though into action. That’s proactive.

Another useful practice to being proactive is to communicate effectively. In the book, I explain that communication is central to great service. How do you effectively communicate to provide excellent, proactive service? Keep customers informed. Ask questions.

Another key component to proactive service, in addition to communication, is listening. Listen to what you customers are saying. What clues can you extract from their communication to you? Listen to both what your customers are saying and what they are not saying. Customers will tell you what they want and expect.

Finally, plan. Plan to provide the best experience that you can. Plan ahead to commit to providing excellent service.

Excellent service is thoughtful. It’s analytic. It’s proactive.

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