Consistency Creates Expectations

I recently dined at a high end steak house chain restaurant.  I was told that this was a great place and that I would be impressed.  I couldn’t wait to go.  I was anticipating a fantastic steak and impeccable service that you would expect from a restaurant of this caliber and of this price point.

Well, let’s just say that my expectations were not met.  The food was good.  The service was sub par in my opinion. 

But, what this service experience brought to my mind was that consistency creates expectations.  Obviously, over the course of time this restaurant had created expectations for their customers by providing stellar service and incredible meals.  I expected to experience the same great food and service that my friend had.   Unfortunately, my dining experience and customer service was not consistent with my friend’s.

But, what let me down more than anything was that the whole situation could have been salvaged with some simple awareness and management involvement.  Honestly, I couldn’t even tell you if a manager was there or not.  I can tell you that a manager could have taken the opportunity to turn my mediocre night into a memorable one. 

Consistency is FREE

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