Communication is FREE

Communication with your customers is FREE, and so is a Facebook account.

If you don’t currently have a Facebook account I would highly recommend that you start an online Facebook identity for your business.  The account costs you nothing and it gives you endless opportunities for communication, feedback and marketing for your business.

You should choose a person that you completely trust and that has significant knowledge of your company to monitor the account and comments on a daily basis.  There is nothing worse than unanswered questions posted on Facebook.  Is anyone there?  Does anyone care?

Respond to EVERY comment, both positive and negative.  All comments will help you to improve your level of customer service.  Use the comments as training tools.  Utilize negative comments to start discussions about what can be done to ensure that the same situation does not happen in the future.  Recognize people for positive comments – Recognition in FREE!

You can also set up marketing opportunities on Facebook to give rewards to your customers.  For example, give them a small token for partaking in a customer service survey.

Feature regular customers on your Facebook page.  They will promote you to their family and friends through Facebook postings.

Here’s a helpful site about marketing yourself on Facebook – How to Market Your Local Business on Facebook.

Communication is FREE

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