Greenhouse Management – Free Growth Plan (July 2012)

Check out this great article that appeared in the July 2012 issue of Greenhouse Management. There's some great practical information that was extracted from the book and published in the magazine. I would have to applaud them for pulling this phrase out and highlighting it "Poor customer service can cost everything. But, the best service around won't cost a cent." Best of luck to greenhouse owners and … [Read more...]

Excellent Service is Proactive

Excellent service requires forethought. What could go wrong? What could your customer need? What are your customer’s expectations? Can you anticipate the customer’s every need? An excellent customer service experience requires the person delivering it to look at the experience through the customer’s eyes to know what they truly want, need and expect. This forethought is invaluable. What would you … [Read more...]

Appearances Are Impressive

First impressions are HUGELY important to any business. As we all know, you only have one chance. Often times that first impression is made BEFORE a service experience even begins. In the book I give an example of an amusement park and its manicured landscaping. They are creating a positive first impression by maintaining their appearance. Think about what people see about your business BEFORE they come in … [Read more...]

Press Release

Take a minute to read this recent press release about Customer Service Is FREE. Feel free to forward the link to any customer service professionals that might find it beneficial. Business training guide highlights free customer service (March 7, 2012) … [Read more...]

The WOW Factor

Learn How to WOW! Share your Wow Factor experiences here!  Things that make you go "Wow!"  Share your story with us and you might get a FREE copy of Customer Service Is FREE! … [Read more...]

So True!

I read this on my page-a-day calendar and had to share it... You can't recover from a problem you don't have. Think about that from a customer service point-of-view.  This is another way of saying Be Thankful That Customers Complain.  Those complaints are opportunities to improve you level of service. Remember, too, that the situations that you recover from successfully will often produce some of the strongest … [Read more...]

Communication is FREE

Communication with your customers is FREE, and so is a Facebook account. If you don't currently have a Facebook account I would highly recommend that you start an online Facebook identity for your business.  The account costs you nothing and it gives you endless opportunities for communication, feedback and marketing for your business. You should choose a person that you completely trust and that has … [Read more...]

High Priority

Excellent customer service is high priority, not high budget.  Don't spend huge sums on marketing and research without devoting time and training to Customer Service.  Utilize and train the 15 FREE facets of customer service to become a star in your business without going broke. Always remember that Customer Service Is FREE! … [Read more...]

Daily Training

Train Customer Service Every Day! One of the most effective, basic and simplest training tools is a quick pre-shift meeting, rally, note, video or handout.  It will take just moments of preparation and less than 5 minutes to implement. Here's an idea - - Flip through Customer Service Is FREE and stop at any given page. - On every page in the book there are phrases that are called out.  Use a phrase … [Read more...]

They Get It

I enjoy going to the bank. Even though I do like money, I really enjoy going there because of the great customer service. The tellers always say hello to me by name, they smile and they make me feel comfortable. They engage me in conversations about day-to-day life. They are my friends. I feel at ease and confident that my banking issues and concerns are being handled by someone that I have a personal bond with. … [Read more...]