Appearances Are Impressive

First impressions are HUGELY important to any business. As we all know, you only have one chance. Often times that first impression is made BEFORE a service experience even begins. In the book I give an example of an amusement park and its manicured landscaping. They are creating a positive first impression by maintaining their appearance.

Think about what people see about your business BEFORE they come in your door.

Here are a couple of examples of first impressions that are less than desirable.

When I think of a jewelry store, I think of refined and elegant place, a classy establishment. So, I would expect a jewelry retailer to have a clean and elegant showroom with well groomed and professionally dressed sales people, most likely in business attire. That would definitely be a fitting impression to portray.
I recently viewed a commercial on television for a jewelry store. The person that was representing the store in the commercial (presumably the owner) and the person that was the main focus of this commercial, was casually dressed in a dress shirt and tie. It was casual because the tie was loose around his neck and the top button was not buttoned. It looked sloppy
Now, in my mind, expensive jewelry is a detail oriented product. If the person that represents the store isn’t detail oriented about their presentation in a public commercial, why would I expect that the jewelry would be of high quality and detailed?
My first impression was tarnished (no pun intended).

SOLUTION: Dress professionally at all times to project a professional and refined first impression appropriate for a high end retailer.

IMPRESSION: Food service establishments want to present a clean, healthy and sanitary image. Customers and diners should know from the appearance that they are going to have a healthy meal made in a clean environment.
Why on earth would any restaurant allow an employee, in uniform, to smoke at the entrance? Whether the employee is on the clock or not, the first impression (before diners even enter the establishment) is clouded in cigarette smoke.

SOLUTION: Forbid employees to smoke in view of your customers, period.

Every businesses is judged by their employees. Are your employees making a great first impression?

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