Earn money by promoting great customer service and selling Customer Service Is FREE.

It’s a simple process to sign up and you will then earn a commission on every sale that is a direct lead from your efforts.  You will be given a unique id that will identify all of your sales.  You can post this link on personal web sites, in book reviews, in web stores or even email it to people that you want to purchase the book on a recommendation.

For each sale recorded you will earn a commission as follows:

Personal Copy $4.00

Training Trio (3 Books) $7.00

Team Set (5 Books) $12.00

Corporate Set (25 Books) $25.00

No commissions will be paid on Large Volume Purchases over 25 books as the price will be negotiated on an individual basis.  Commissions will not be paid to affiliates that purchase books through their own affiliate links.  Payments will be made through PayPal so all affiliates must have an active PayPal account.  Payments will be made on a monthly basis within 6 weeks after a $25 threshold has been reached.  There is a minimum $25 payout for each cycle.  If  there aren’t enough sales to earn the minimum $25 payout then no payment will be made.

Customer Service Is FREE, LLC can terminate this affiliate program at any time, for any reason, without warning, advance notice or written notification.

By clicking the link below and signing up for this affiliate program you agree to all of the above statements and terms without question and agree not to hold Customer Service Is FREE, LLC liable in any way.

Yes, I agree to the above terms and wish to Join the Customer Service Is FREE Affiliate Program!

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